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tv   Good Morning Washington at 500  ABC  November 5, 2009 5:00am-6:00am EST

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amazing place i've ever been. >> reporter: sure, customers also love the gourmet food and the fact that no 18-wheelers are allowed. but at the core, this is a business built purely on porcelain. ryan owens, abc news, madisonville, texas. >> certainly unlike most convenient store bathrooms, that's for sure. stay with us for "good morning america," coming up at 7:00. >> and check out our website, have a g just moments away, drivers in for a second round of rush- hour delays. we will have an live report. >> major developments in the fight over health care. a democratic plan gets a big endorsement. >> the yankees are back on top. world champions for the 27th time.
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>> the bronx bombers do it again. captioned by the national captioning institute >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. good thursday morning. i'm doug mcelway. >> and i'm alison starling. good morning. thank you for joining us on this thursday. your traffic and weather together every 1minutes. >> let's start with brian van de graaff. a chilly start. >> it is cool outside. temperatures are starting out in the 30's some places. we will call today a day where we see sunshine and clouds will move and later today. a couple of sprinkles. things will start to clear out. for the weekend, it will be warmer. sunshine this morning with afternoon clouds. we will check in with adam in 10 minutes. >> it is like deja vu all from yesterday.
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we have an accident on 95 in virginia. this one in newington. up and sold in a minute ago, they had all the main line traffic closed and all the tropical forest to use the hov lanes. right now is scenario is changing. this is video involving tractor trailers on northbound 95 in newington. one lane is getting by. i will take you to a map. we will have a live shot in a little while. inner loop south, accident involving two tractor trailers. when tractor-trailer is upside down. the other one is split open like a can opener. the one upside-down is carrying concrete and asphalt. right now, only the left lane is getting by. the left lane opened on the
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inner loop at exit 4, saint barnabas road. that will be the scenario for a least another hour. the other tractor-trailer is on the left shoulder. it will wait till after rush hour. they will then take the truck away. we have ours to go. the ramp is closed as a result. in montgomery county, t major computer system crashed. it controls the traffic signals. all the traffic signals are cycling but independent. the situation has not changed. >> we saw a tremendous traffic backups at intersections all across montgomery county. our coverage continues with pamela brown. >> good morning. >> good morning to you. we just learned that despite the fact technicians have been working around thelock, the
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system is still not working. that means this morning's rush- hour will look a lot like it did yesterday. newschopper 7 shows just what can happen with a computer glitch. standstill traffic on the busiest roads. a lot of frustrated drivers. >> how long will it take us to get there? >> technicians have been frantically troubleshooting, trying to repair the traffic signal computer that normally sends a green hour during rush- hour. the signals are working independently in non-rush-hour mode. they're trying to upgrade the system. >> we have an aging system that we're in the process of trying to replace. it is not working properly. >> pedestrian crossing signals are not affected.
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walker's sometimes had the advantage. >> it is crazy. i am glad i'm not driving. >> we did speak with transportation officials. they told us that they are still working on the problem. in the meantime, the bus system will offer free rides throughout the day. pamela brown, abc 7 news. >> when you can walk somewhere faster than you can drive, you know you're in trouble. you can log on to our website,, for a real time look at our rush hour camera. a computer glitch cost systemwide problems on metro is now fixed. it will cost millions of dollars to keep it from happening again. wriders could not use some farecards. aging power units are to blame.
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it will cost $14 million to fix them. the order have a $22 million budget deficit. house democrats are about to get a crucial ally. aarp is expected to endorse the plan. president obama will visit capitol hill tomorrow to make another pitch on health care legislation. the bill is expected to go to a floor vote on saturday. an investigation is under way after a police officer hit and killed a pedestrian. the victim was struck by the officer's cruiser last night. maryland state line. the victim's identity has not yet been released. baseball's most famous team isnce again its best. >> the yankees are back on top.
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world champions for the 27th time. >> the new york yankees beat philadelphia 7-3 to take the world series. the only needed one man last night, the man the call godzilla. hideki matsui drove in six of the seven runs and was named series mvp. >> and they are a dynasty. they have been the team through the generations. 44 degrees. >> a costly commute. dulles toll rates will almost double next year. >> it has to be made this way for the foreseeable future. >> the h1n1 monopoly. one company has a monopoly on a crucial treatment. one company has a monopoly on a crucial treatment.
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5:10 a.m. on this thursday morning. we're live in chinatown, the heart of the district. it is at 44 degrees. another cool start to the day. cooler elsewhere. let's take a look at these
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numbers. 31 in haymarket. it is one of the colder exceptions. 34 in potomac. it is rather chilly. it will be cool, kind of like yesterday. high temperatures in the mid 50's. rolling afternoon clouds. a pleasant day today. we cannot rule out an isolated sprinkle far north of the metro area. most of us will remain dry. fairly pleasant. tomorrow will be even cooler. 30's across the board. a lot of sunshine tomorrow afternoon. i hear it is another busy day on the roads. >> it is busy because of the traffic issue in montgomery county. the main computer system once on the fritz yesterday. you just cannot find any parts to repair it. it is 30 years old.
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you need to allow extra time. all of the traffic signals are working, but independently of one another. in maryland, there has been an exit -- there's been an accident at exit 4, saint barnabas road. a tractor-trailer has flipped over. it is carrying asphalt and concrete. notice this truck is completely ripped open, lost its contents. you are looking live at this crash with one lane to the left getting by. you can not exit from saint barnabas road to continue on to the inner loop. if you get on and 210, you are passed the wreck. in virginia, the mess is after newington. yesterday's accident had the age of the close. one to the left getting by.
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hov is completely open. other than that, i got nothing. >> that is enough. you will soon be paying more to use the dulles toll road. a rate hike has been approved. tolls will go from 7 5 cents up to $1 at the main gate and will increase up to $1.50. ramp tolls will increase. this will help pay to the extension out to dulles airport. 43 degrees. >> supply shortages. a monopoly on tamiflu is holding a treatment for some children. >> please find more bodies in the home of the cleveland rapist.
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>> you are watching abc 7's "good morning washington," with doug mckelway, alison starling, meteorologist brian van de graaff, weather, and lisa baden, traffic. this is "good morning washington," on your side. in our top stories, a computer glitch will likely cause more traffic headaches in montgomery county today on a countywide basis. the system that manages all traffic light prevents the signals to switch to rush hour timing. it is still not fixed. buses are free today. >> the body count in the case of a serial killer in cleveland is now up to 11. investigators plan to tear apart the walls and look for more remains. only one victim has been identified, 853-year-old woman.
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>> the united nations is relocating more than half of its workers in afghanistan. there was a taliban attack last week that left five staffers dead. we have been hearing a lot about the swine flu vaccine shortage. the supply of a key drug used to treat children is also running low. that drug is a liquid pediatric version of tamiflu. one company has a monopoly on the drug. they say they continue to meet u.s. requirements. there is a safety net. >> the government can step been on the monopoly, pay the manufacturer, and produced the drug itself. >>roche says there are plenty of capsules for adults and children. 5:17.
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your traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. >> let's begin with lisa baden. she has a lot to talk about for pretty much everyone. >> in montgomery county, but no change with the problem with the traffic signals. huge crashed on the inner loop at prince george's county at saint barnabas road. inner loop wilson bridge. this is a video of an accident in newington, northbound 95. this accident involved a couple of tractor trailers. one to the left is getting by. hov is open. >> we are seeing temperatures on the chilly side. stafford, 32. chantilly, up 38. sunshine will mix with some clouds. a couple of sprinkles are possible. that is close to the maryland- pennsvania border.
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a cool day tomorrow with plenty of sunshine. back to you. >> thank you. the social networking award for damaged relationships -- it depends who you are not working with. >> verizon is doubling termination fees. jeremy hubbard has more. >> verizon is doubling the early termination fee on some of its cell phones. they will charge $350 to break the contract for advanced devices such as smart phones. this announcement comes a couple of days before verizon releases its highly anticipated droid smart phone. it has been getting excellent reviews. apple's app store has hit a major milestone. it covers everything from games
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to news to travel. 2 billion of these apps have been down loaded. they have helped set the iphone apart from all of its challengers. a website is selling the beatles' music for 25 cents a song. emi is suing them for selling these songs without permission. there is a legal way to get the music digitally. the beatles store is offering a limited edition beatles drive. it comes loaded with all of their remastered albums, bottles, and more. it goes on sale next month for $280. spending time on line can lead to a more diverse social network. our growing dependence on technology has come at the expense of human connection.
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e-mail, social networking sites, and cell phones have helped bring people together, not to isolate them. for more information, log onto the tech page at those are your tech bytes. i am jeremy hubbard. >> if your significant otr found out you have been networking with your old flame, that is a problem. >> 20 minutes after the hour. outside is chilly, at 45 degrees. gilbert arenas has earned a taunt of respect -- a ton of respect. >> it is a karaoke challenge on "oprah."
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good morning. the wizards have talent. they are still inconsistent. they led by 18 to the other night but lost. last night, they fell behind by 19 but almost one. the wizards have not shot well recently. gilbert arenas was only nine for 27. it was tied with only 25 seconds
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left. they could not stop wade. big-time contact. there is no call here. the officials let it slide. miami wins it. it should have been a foul call. the capitals lost last night. >> thank you. let's get the latest business headlines. linda bell joins us live from new york. >> we have some possible good news for home buyers. the house may vote on a plan to extend the tax credit for first- time home buyers. it will include people with higher incomes. the senate approved the measure yesterday 98-0. it includes an extension of unemployment benefits. it should help to the holiday season. stock index futures are here.
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raised christiekellogg's is dro. they were saying anti oxidants boosted children's immunity system. now they are saying that the anti oxidants helped support the immune system. they are making the change because of recent attention of swine flu. that is your business news. live at bloomberg headquarters in new york, i am linda bell. back to you. >> thank you. 5:26, up 43 degrees. the news continues. >> still ahead, new life for an old food bank. this truck could get a second chance. >> a father who knows the pain of a missing child joins the search for missing virginia tech student. >> a big development on health care. i will tell you who is declaring their support for the house
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plan, just ahead. >> we do have some chilly air. we're attracting one more system that will swing through today. then lots of sunshine. interesting grooming. thanks. i did it to let e judges know that my dog is the right choice. i got the idea from general mills big g cereals. they put a white check on the top of every box
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>> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. and welcome back. right here you are looking at the inner loop of the beltway in maryland at saint barnabas road. a big cident involving two big trucks. traffic is moving, but not much. >> that is one of several big
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time traffic problems with all of this morning. we will hear all about the dirty details. >> the weather will seem pretty benign. we do have a cool air in place. nothing but sunshine for this weekend. a gradual warming trend for the weekend. low 50's will be the best we can do. the weekend could push back to 70. we are seeing milder air by the bay. added clouds. mid 50's once again. it gets better for the weekend. >> ok. i will begin in virginia. an overnight accident in newington. left shoulder getting by. hov completely open. in maryland, oxon hill, crash at barnabas road. one lane to the left getting by.
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the estimation according to the cleaning crew on the scene, they just called me, they hope to have all lanes open by 6:00 a.m. that does not mean the wreck will be gone. there is an overturned tractor trailer. they may open the lanes at 6:00 a.m., but it still will be there for a long time. montgomery county, no change in those traffic signals. the signals are operating but independently of one another. i will leave you with good news. 301, the nice bridge, construction is good until tuesday. let's all go out of town. >> thank you. we turn to the fight over health care reform. a big show of support for the so-called public option. the aarp is expected to endorse the democratic plan. >> they lost 60,000 members when they announced support for the
5:32 am
plan. president obama is stepping up the pressure. matt brock is live with what is next. good morning. >> congressional leaders think president obama will visit the hill to lobby and strategizing on health care. later this morning, aarp gives its endorsement to the house plan and the controversial public option. these maryland residents went to ben cardin's office with a message on health care, i do not give up too much. >> what are we caving in to this perception that someone will filibuster? who cares? let them stand up and say, we do not want health care for everybody in america. >> he has been a supporter of the public option. it will make it affordable. >> those who have insurance are paying extra cost for those who
5:33 am
do not have health insurance. an important point is to make sure that everybody pays their fair load. >> lawmakers could vote on saturday. this lawmaker insists his voters do not want it. >> 80% of the people who took my survey believe the current health care plan is the one -- is better than the one in this bill. >> the interesting part is that one of the concerns from the public option is that it will be paul -- it will be funded from cuts by medicare. some house members were concerned seniors would turn against him at the ballot box. and now they may turn against aarp, as well. matt brock, abc 7 news. >> thank you. the house may vote as soon as today on a bill that will -- the bill would extend
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unemployment benefits by up to 20 more weeks. it extends the $8,000 first-time home buyer tax credit through the end of april. it is expected to sail through the house. bob mcdonnell is getting right to work. he has appointed a transition team that does include bill bolling and plans to have a transition website up and running by next week. he says he plans to spend the next two months outlining his plan for job creation, the economy, and transportation. police have arrested a 15-0 in a series of attacks on women. five women have been attacked near coverstone drive. the latest attack was on tuesday night. the teenager is facing sexual battery and attempted rape. he is being held without bond.
5:35 am
a dramatic rescue you will only see on seventh involving a mother and her baby. a neighborhood went on lockdown after police learned a man was holding two hostages. police jumps into action a retrieved the baby. the swat team was able to get the mother out. police arrested her boyfriend, and daniel spriggs. the parents of a missing virginia tech student are asking people to help search for her over the weekend. morgan harrington became separated from her friends at a metallica concert last month. she was last seen on a bridge in charlottesville. the father of elizabeth smart, who was kidnapped in utah, has now joined in the search. >> i believe that she was still out there and phelps she would
5:36 am
come home. that is what we're hoping for with morgan. >> be strong. we're trying to find you. correct police say have received 350 tips so far and a fault up on everyone of them. coming up tonight, how in local woman with a heart of gold is define the odds. leon harris has a preview. >> the winner of three gold medals at this bank vault she could even walked. she is a transplant patient. per se thanks goes out to the organ donor that thank -- that saved her life. the will be on abc 7 news tonight at 5:00. an outpouring of support for a local food bank. >> a traffic alert for virginia drivers. new roadwork could mean the tours for at least a year.
5:37 am
>> a critical communication break down at metro is a fixed but it has new problems for the transit agency. i will have a look at their budget woes. we will be back with a look at the skies and the streets. the streets will be a big problem today. more problems in montgomery county. you wanted more... you wanted video, and photos... email and broadband... you wanted to run your business from anywhere... and instant messaging, to stay in touch with everyone. you wanted apps to find music, news, or the way home. ok. your wireless companies. grow your world. the quality of our lives depends on our connections. access to high-speed internet,
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>> i am with the montgomery county humane society. come see our cat room. we have many cats, cats by the dozen waiting for you to adopt them into your home. >> good morning, washington. 5:40 a.m. on this thursday morning. clear skies right now. that means it is another cold start. light winds and very dry. like yesterday morning. tomorrow morning will be cooler than the we will have outside now. i am liven chinatown. it's 44 degrees. cooler in middleburg, 29. warrenton, 32. rockville, up 33. here is the forecast. it will be a pleasant afternoon. rolling clouds later this afternoon.
5:41 am
highs in the mid 50's. tomorrow morning will be cooler than this morning. the best we will do is the low 50's despite sunshine. it is active in much of montgomery county. let's go back to lisa baden. >> those traffic issues started yesterday. the computer system went down. they're all slightly but independent of one another. that has not changed. 95 virginia, wreck in newington. one in the left shoulder getting by in newington. hov lanes are available to all drivers. delays begin out of woodbridge in the hov accessing springfield. saint barnabas road, an accident with a tractor-trailer on its side. one to the left getting by. it will be there for hours to come. one lane getting through.
5:42 am
alison and doug. >> thank you. traffic alert for drivers in fairfax. southbound 95 exit will be closed for one year starting today. it will allow crews to prepare for lorton road and the fairfax county parkway for a future overpass. others can use exit 167. :41, up 43 degrees outside. metro's infrastructure faces an expensive future. >> big gulps and boosze. >> the yankees make it 27. - ( music playing ) - now's the time to invest.
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affect wheat output in the u.s., the shipping industry in norway, and the rubber industry in south america? at t. rowe price, we understand the connections of a complex global economy. it's just one reason 80% of our mutual fundr beat their 10-year lipper average. t. rowe price. invest with confidence. request a prospectus with investment objectives, risks, fees, expenses, and more information to read and consider carefully before investing. >> you are watching abc 7' "good morning washington," with doug mckelway, alison starling, meteorologist brian van de graaff, weather, and lisa baden,
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traffic. this is "good morning washington," on your side. checking our top stories. a traffic alert for you. the signal problems in montgomery county are still not 6 this morning. a computer glitch. this time -- it missed times the traffic lights. ride on a bus fares are free today in an effort to help you to leave your car at home. >> the new york yankees are champions again. they beat the philadelphia phillies 7-3 in game 6. designated hitter hideki matsui driven a record six runs and was named the world series mvp. >> two american soldiers died yesterday. military is not releasing these
5:47 am
rcumstances of either death. they say both are under investigation. >> a food bank that has been ordered to stop giving free bread to the needy and may get a second chance. as we reported yesterday, inspectors forced the church to evict the volunteers on monday because they do not have a permit to give the food away. >> i cannot rest at night unless i do this. i am asking these citizens to give us help. >> we're trying to find a temporary facility. >> after our story ran, the council sprang into action to save the problem. they are looking for a building where the free bread can be distributed. >> nice to see so many people helping. >> a good effort by those people. 5:47.
5:48 am
your traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. >> let's start with adam caskey. it is a chilly morning out there. >> i am downtown right now. it is a few degrees warmer. 44 degrees here in chinatown. seventh and h street. 44 degrees. outlying areas, mid 30's and lower at 30's. martinsburg, up 32. at the freezing. further out west. -- martinsburg, up 32. notice out to our west, we have some added clouds and even a few light sprinkles at this early hour. some of that action will roll up our way. we cannot rule out an isolated sprinkle. predominantly dry. the biggest effect will be sub added clouds into the afternoon.
5:49 am
a lot of morning sunshine and rolling clouds. possibly a brief sprinkle north of the metro area. cool again, highs in the mid 50's. we will be warmer on saturday. for more on what to expect down the line, let's head over to brian in the studio. >> all right. thank you so much. we're watching a couple of changes coming down the pike. we do have the clouds coming in this afternoon. maybe a sprinkle or two. we're looking at colder air coming in. highs will top out in the local 50's. high pressure will build in. the weekend will start a transition. by saturday, sunshine and near 60. by sunday, temperatures well into the upper 60's. it does get better.
5:50 am
it will take a little bit of time. skies will clear tonight. it will be downright cold. numbers in the 30's even in the city. 53 for a high. look at all of the sunshine. a gradual warming trend. we couldee temperatures pushing too near 70 degrees, which would be nice. the average temperature is 61. next chance of moisture not next tuesday when it rolls through. temperatures will start to drop back below a bit. today and tomorrow probably the coldest days. this sunshine will be back. that will be good. there could be a sprinkle this afternoon. you ould have a jacket ready to go. especially for the kids as they head out. i want to show you some of the temperatures. here is a shot coming up.
5:51 am
skies are clear. it looks good. >> northbound 95, accident in the main line in newington. only the left lane and left shoulder getting by. no lanes blocked in the hov. you know protect one will take a lot of fallout because of that. inner loop at st. barnabas road, a tractor-trailer accident. only one lane gets through. a lot of callers from waldorf planning to take two to eight to 210 and then to the interlude. -- to say 228 to 210. one lane is closed at georgia avenue. back inside. >> thank you. 5:51. let's check in with philip
5:52 am
stewart at the live desk. >> we will start with a story about how stubbornness could cost one school millions. it comes down to fight over issues. the university had a sponsorship deal with adidas. michael jordan's son refuse to work anything but air jordans when he played basketball. the school requires players and coaches to where the brand. adidas said they will not renew the school's contract. 7-eleven is getting into the wine business. they are releasing two low- priced wines sold under the yosemite road label. they will retail for about $3.99. that is the price. that has actually been doing pretty well because of the tough
5:53 am
economic times. by the second or third class, you may not notice. [laughter] >> i hear they will have a slurpee variety. big gulp and then get in your car. >> are right, thank you so much for that. we will see you at 711.
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drivers or not the only ones suffering from rush hour had mixed yesterday. >> thousands of passengers were frustrated. raises new concerns about the aging infrastructure. courtney robinson is live with that story. good morning. >> good morning. the main issue in all of this, two aging power distribution units. the one that failed provides critical communication. the other provides information to computers that goes to the rail system. that thankfully did not fail yesterday. the real system was able to operate smoothly. it raises questions about the aging system and how they will pay for it. there is a shortfall. >> it is not working. it is putting me behind in my schedule.
5:57 am
>> no credit card access. no communication from the control center. some bus drivers and no way to track theby computer. those were a few of the critical metro communications that went down systemwide for seven hours. this system is now back on-line. metro said the problem came after a nearly 30-year-old unit caused it to fail. >> it was something that had been identified as needing to be upgraded. it was on the list. it fell before we were able to address it. >> do they admit this is on top of their upgrade list? they are on -- there facing a budget deficit for the next fiscal year and has other commitments issues tallying up to big bucks. they're facing the current$22 million budget shortfall, having
5:58 am
to come up with the funds. they have to replace both of the aging power distribution units. if they can get their hands on that money, it will take six months to replace that. courtney robinson, abc 7 news. >> thank you. there is a lot more still to come in our second hour. >> a new warning about swine flu. it can be passed on to your pet's. >> brace yourself in montgomery county. it can be another long day. >> lisa baden will be back with another look at your morning commute. we do have a lot of issues out there to tackle. guys remember,
5:59 am
we're a solar system. mars is down...and... um, it's only 10am. who hasn't had their jimmy dean breakfast this morning mmmm! now lets orbit i feel awesome. you're all awesome. jimmy dean breakfast sandwiches, fight the morning fade.
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